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Digital Solusi Master is an IT company based in Surabaya, Indonesia. With a team consisting of the best individuals in their fields, we are ready to take part in accelerating the Industry 4.0 government program. We help IT decision-makers, project managers, and product owners to take technology usage to the next level.


Our Family

We also support the development of startups, to provide solutions to the problems of this nation. The following
are startups that are in the DSM Group family.


Education Information System

Great Digital Partner

Creative & Digital Agency

Meet The Team

Introduce, the best people on our team who are ready to help solve all your problems

Ismail Nachu
M. Fikrie Ramadhan
Rio Ramadhan D
Head of Technology
Oti A A
Marketing Executive
Dimas Kurnia A
Creative Executive

Luvian Chisni
Head of Digital Marketing

Roni Armor
Field Manager
Bakhtiar Aminuddin
Person in Charge
Syahrul Eka Ramdhani

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